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Choking: How to Help Prevent It From HappeningWe’ve either all been there or know of someone who is no doubt the fastest rider on the gate but something always seems to go wrong. They absolutely kill it in practice and moto’s, but then the pressure rounds kick in and they absolutely crumble under the pressure. You’re left scratching your head and begin wondering how the likes of Maris Stromberg was able to come in clutch in key moments....

June 22, 2019


So you're doing really well, progressing consistently and hitting those podiums. How do you keep a long term vision and love for the sport without burning out before the peak? All too often we see riders at a young age with an Olympic dream, only to fizzle out after over training or perceived expectation. See the below just a few tips to help create a long term athlete:...

June 22, 2019


THE ULTIMATE CHEAT SHEET ON DEVELOPING SKILL IN BMX RACING In BMX today, everyone knows well that simply being fast isn’t enough, you need to have the skills to back it up. A mistake commonly made is to go straight into training (sprints and gym etc), where realistically the time could be spent developing much more beneficial skills. For us, developing skills in BMX was one of the most fun parts of the sport. We watched other skilled riders and thought how awesome it was, but also inspired us ...

June 21, 2019


Unlike Olympic lifts which take long periods of time, energy and focus to build technique foundations and can be be risky leading to injury, medicine balls are one of thee safest and time effective ways to build/produce power. Further, the ability to use these at the majority of ages weather you are beginner, intermediate or advanced make them very versatile with the ability to be able to keep things simple yet effective in your training. Multiple exercises exist specific to bmx to not only buil...

June 21, 2019


Do you have structure to your training year?  Having structure to your training is key! How you periodise/plan your season and plot/conduct your training can enable you to finding the secret recipe to how YOU as an individual react to certain training phases and what training actually works and what doesn’t! Further, this will enable you to know how long in each phase (technical, strength, power, speed) you need to be in, how much volume YOU respond to and enable you to help find YOUR win...

June 21, 2019


We could talk about this all day! Are you confusing and jumbling your riders learning or are you encouraging it? The style and way you deliver feedback is key to their learning.  A lot of trainers are very authoritative (you do this, do that, do as I say) and vocal with it rather than visual. Being told takes away the ability to make decisions for themselves and in bmx, the ability to make decisions under high amounts of pressure is key so riders need to have the ability of making thei...

June 21, 2019


Do you even practice these or are you a bull at a gate charging to first the turn, then to the second turn or are you ridding the lines smart making your job easy? Are you just focusing on getting stronger, faster and more powerful or are you being smart with it all? Riding the right race lines allows you to conserve energy, cover less distance on the track, allow you to tactically think about passing without getting overwhelmed with the decisions you have to make in a race.  PRACTICE ...

June 21, 2019


Here’s a little insight to the model we live by and prioritise when personally training all our athletes which we thought might help YOUR training focus. Laying the foundation or base is KEY to building your pyramid as high as possible to allow your speed on the bike (icing on the cake) to be at maximum capacity output to what you are capable of! Don’t take any shortcuts and prioritise at the bottom or else you will have a small pyramid. Work your way through: Movement | Skill ➡...

June 21, 2019


A very large wheel in the game of getting faster is your environment YOU create! If you have a positive core group to train with who push each other on the regular on a challenging facility, coaches, we can set back and watch progression, and athletes, you will go past what you thought was capable of without even realising it! If you don’t have a positive challenging environment, time to change that NOW!!! . Week 1 = Create your environment!...

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