Unlike Olympic lifts which take long periods of time, energy and focus to build technique foundations and can be be risky leading to injury, medicine balls are one of thee safest and time effective ways to build/produce power.

Further, the ability to use these at the majority of ages weather you are beginner, intermediate or advanced make them very versatile with the ability to be able to keep things simple yet effective in your training.

Multiple exercises exist specific to bmx to not only build power, but build stability, athleticism and even injury management to which all are key aspects on the bike to achieve physical outcomes needed in your training.

Jump, press, pull, push, drop, slam, smack, twist, whack and throw them in multiple variations. This gives them a very high rating in our book and we use medicine balls in all our online performance programs and our personalised training programs.

If you don’t do medball work, we strongly suggest you do!



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