We could talk about this all day!

Are you confusing and jumbling your riders learning or are you encouraging it? The style and way you deliver feedback is key to their learning. 

A lot of trainers are very authoritative (you do this, do that, do as I say) and vocal with it rather than visual. Being told takes away the ability to make decisions for themselves and in bmx, the ability to make decisions under high amounts of pressure is key so riders need to have the ability of making their own decisions, not be told what to do all the time. In most cases, not all, this is what is happening.

Humans largely learn by doing, watching and making mistakes. So why are we as coaches continually telling our riders, where we could just sit back and show them and watch them learn on their own? Eg, let them access their own performance with our guidance? Tell us what they can see is or isn’t working?

This is not only for elite, rather down through the ages.

Are you giving vocal or visual feedback knowing we learn more from visual?


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