The History - Matt Cameron #949

BMX is and has been a big part of my life over the past 14 years.  During this time I have been a part of club, regional, national and high performance programs along with training under some great coaches experiencing what works well and what does not work well from a coaching perspective. Over this time I have evolved and obtained coaching knowledge, theories, perspectives, experience and views of to what approach best fits individuals need within BMX. Just like any sport, coaching is more than just training and the physical side of things. I have learnt that there is far more to BMX than just on the bike physical training. 

Over my time in the sport I have coached at the majority of the levels within the sport. Levels of beginner, intermediate, advanced, club, provincial and national levels. During this time I have seen success not as a result, rather an outcome and process. The coaching style I use helps grow hard working, responsible, moralistic, self confident, attitudes and fundamentals needed to achieve their goals and ambitions in the sport of BMX and life.

- Matt Cameron | Director

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Coach | Waikato

ANDREW HICKEY - Coach | Waikato

The MC Race Academy Benefits YOU

Whether you are aiming for improvement, a better season than last, a podium finish, a world cup medal, or an Olympic GOLD, it is all in the way you train to race and execute your purpose on the track day to day.

WINNING your BMX race, in whatever context that is for you, wether it be the local regional races in a friendship setting, or the World Championships! Get taught the winners way and the winners attitude at the Matt Cameron Race Academy to reach the version of success you have set as a standard for yourself in BMX racing.

At the MC Race Academy, we have developed a comprehensive pathway for you to evolve and progress into the very best rider that you can be.
This global academy is focused on your skills, speed, power, strength and your mind. Offering you a way to step out of your comfort zone and become the rider you have dreamed of. 

The MC Race Academy has something for every BMX rider! From our Grom Academy through to our International Race Team, we have you covered and are just as passionate as you are, with full investment in your riding career.

We also offer an online training platform where these programmes are comprehensive and specific for unsupervised progression in the sport. Programmes are set for a beginner or intermediate and have 4 phases for a one year subscription and will ensure that you are focusing on the crucial components required in BMX racing.

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