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Head Performance Coach | NZ & International

I first began coaching back in 2011. I have a long history in racing Elite BMX both domestically and internationally at world championships, world cups and securing national titles. Through the love of the sport, I too have adopted the same passion, drive and focus I had for my competitive career into my coaching career.

At an elite level I enjoy breaking down a puzzle, identifying the missing pieces to that individuals performances, and rebuilding this rider up with the complete picture. At a more development based level, my enjoyment comes from laying the key foundations within that rider of all the skills needed in BMX both physically and mentally whilst challenging their ability every single session to enable them to fail and rebuild. 

Over my time in coaching, both my philosophy and style of coaching have evolved drastically. I have realised that coaching in BMX is about lifting a riders physical performance or technical skillset, but just as importantly achieving a greater purpose by creating an environment to which riders can become accountable, fail, learn and develop their own knowledge to guide their own future and development. I believe that by creating this, riders grow resilience and the ability to adapt to any environment they might be faced with at any given time both on the bike and further into their life.


MCRA Performance Coach | NZ | Auckland

One of the key reasons I coach is because of the enjoyment that can be seen when I am able to connect and help a rider take their skills to a new level, one they didn’t believe they could reach. I am a massive believer of the benefits that sport can provide and teach and want to be able to provide young athletes with the tools necessary to allow them to reach their own potential in BMX racing.
I started racing in 1999 at age 4 and have been racing ever since. I did not have a very traditional BMX path – where for the first 4-5 years I never made a final, let alone get any further than 30th in NZ. I continued to love and enjoy the sport which eventually I found success – leading into winning the amateur cruiser 15-16 World title in 2009. I then competed in the Elite category from 2010, with highlights being able to make the 2012 World Cup final in Canada, 2016 USABMX Grand national final and 2017 NZ Elite National Champ.
The MC Race Academy fits extremely well with the structure and beliefs around BMX training and coaching – and one that follows the current scientific literature around athlete development. MCRA wants to provide the best service possible and make the riders that come to us have a positive, memorable experience and that is why I want to be apart of it.


MCRA Performance Coach | NZ | Waikato

I began coaching BMX in 2011 and quickly became more addicted to the sport. I enjoy coaching because I love to be a part of the sport where I can help riders excel and get better. I was lucky enough to have multiple influences in my life that put me on the right track physically and mentally towards achieving my BMX goals. I found that these influencers were a big part of my success and I want be that influence on others in the sport.

I Began racing BMX at the age of 7 and have been hooked in the sport ever since. I have competed throughout New Zealand as well as internationally. I have had numerous titles throughout New Zealand including a national title in 2013.

I align myself with MCRA as I believe in the same coaching Philosophy as Matt. I have experienced training myself under the same principals as well as training others which is why I know the philosophy and principals we follow work for everyone.


MCRA Performance Coach | NZ | Waikato

Bikes have been part of my life since I can remember, between BMX, road and mountain bikes. I currently work full time as a Workshop Manager with Torpedo7 Hamilton. I am originally based out of the Tauranga BMX Club, where I rode and coached throughout.

I graduated with a Degree in Sport and Recreation through Auckland University of Technology, and also a Certificate in Fitness through the Bay of Plenty Polytechnic.

I completed my Cycling New Zealand Level one coaching course and am a USA BMX credited coach.

The majority of my coaching history has been based in Vancouver, Canada. After moving over there straight after studies. With this I worked with nine clubs, a range of factory and family based race teams and individual riders. With coaching, my main focus is to create a fun environment to train in while prompting person growth both on and off the track.

Teaming up with the MCRA Team works well as our beliefs around the sports are aligned. Creating a positive environment to allow the athletes grow and have fun is important to both of us. While also making sure there's plenty of challenges to push and progress the riders each session.


Operations | NZ

Daniella Cameron, wife to Matt Cameron, came on board after their arrival of their son and team mascot 'Reeve Cameron'. Daniella is a former athlete herself (on snow not the track) and brings 10 years of sport management and mental skills training to MC Race Academy. 
Whilst you wont see Daniella at the track as much as our coaches, she is behind the scenes creating and answering to all things 'Grom Academy' part time in conjuction with working at High Performance Sport NZ.


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