This group of riders are really pushing to have that competitive edge consistently. Providing performance based training for an effective environment, our Elites are focused, dedicated and have their sights set on big things! It is in this coaching area that we chase the inches, refine, and periodise your training for peak events.

Full personalised training programming including

  • Training phase planning and periodisation
  • Event peaking
  • Weekly scheduling
  • Physical data testing, recording and analysis
  • BMX track, strength & conditioning, sprints,
  • plyometric and primer session training programming
  • Rider weaknesses highlighted and built to
  • become strengths

2-4 sessions each week during specific scheduled training sessions at either Waikato BMX tracks, gym, sprinting or testing within group environment all working on:

  • Rider weaknesses
  • Technical aspects of an elite level with myself and
  • the group/team.
  • Video analysis and technical feedback
  •  Race debriefs, analysis & evaluation
  •  Race preparation plans
  •  Unlimited email contact


  • Skype and phone calls once per month for
  • introduction of program (If needed) 



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