The most effective way to progress as a Junior in BMX!

BMX racing is all about fun, passion and progression, something we all like to see from season to season! This progression needs to be started at a young age, and done the right way. Riders will be part of a positive effective training environment which will encourage riders to have fun, be challenged, self-reliant, be competitive, communicate with each other and learn about themselves and about BMX.

Our coaching style used in this group allow riders to learn how to communicate, work together, problem solve and assess their own riding/performance on video so they are also able to go to the track on their own time and understand why and how to progress their weaknesses.

We cover all aspects of BMX racing on the track in a week by week break down and are able to take quite an individualised approach., including: Starts, Jumping, Manualling, Group Riding, Race Tactics, Confidence Building, Track Speed, Passing, Race Lines, Race Fitness and Accountability.

At the MC Race Academy we pride ourselves on coaching in the most effective way with every age and stage, and the Grom Academy is the perfect place to ride consistently with our coaches and increase your skill level.

What You Need To Know

The Grom Academy is for ages 8-14 and is catered for in either Waikato or Auckland.

We have two phases per season, one starting in August, and the following on starting in January leading into Nationals (April). Year round training may be available upon request.

1x training per week with our MC Race Academy Coaches.

Training session times are 1.5 hours with an advantageous coach to rider ratio (6-7 riders per group) promoting skill development, race tactics and further human and behavioural development in a fun, performance minded environment.

Investment is $45 + GST per session.

Please note the Grom Academy books out very quickly, so to avoid disappointment get in touch with us.



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